If you don't like it to bad, I'm going to anyhow. Sense I've been coming here I have noticed a couple things. The L.G.B. community as a whole becomes very upset when attacked by homophobes, bigots etc. etc. They should attack bigotry when it rears its head. With that I also notice when there is a question about Transsexualism these same people that want there rights as a homosexxual person respected have absolutely no problem bashing a person with any form of Gender Variance. WHY? It is very common here to see a Transsexual person referred to as "it" "shemale" the use of the wrong pronouns. I also see comments like "EWWW, that's gross" , "T/S is wrong", "there not really men / women" "freaks".

So you want to be treated with respect, when will you start showing respect to those of us here that were born Transsexual? You get upset when called a derogatory name, when will you stop using them?

This doe's not apply to every one here obviously.