The neighbors below me are making me crazy! I have complained at least 5 times to the manager about them sitting in our stairwell untill 2 am or later and drinking and causing all kinds of noise, (such as driving the company golf cart around at 1am yelling MARCO POLO at his friends, and leaving more then 10 bottles of beer on my porch). The neighbor used to work for the complex and as a result of the complaints was fired and now I feel is lashing out at me. I am the most concerned for my 2 children who are 3 and 1. They are woken up everynight by these people and all I want is this to stop. The last time I complained the manager said that they would be out of the complex in one week... well three weeks later and here they are. Now, I am afraid that if I complain again the manager will be annoyed and not take me seriously. How can I make this stop? I have been in this apartment for 3 years and I have never had this problem before until the month they moved in this Spring. Please Help!