I have these thoughts that seem separate from me, and seem angry at me, and they don't have their own voice or anything at the moment, but they scream at me.

There's no real sound to it, they're just thoughts, but they seem quite out of my control, and they drive me mad, screaming at me and shit.

I can get into huge arguments with my mind - this happens a lot, but lately its started to happen all the time (it used to be when I was making difficult decisions and shit, but now its just baseless screaming, and threats of taking over my mind like the thoughts claim they are doing and destroying me with getting me to spend all my money and take loads of weed and eat unhealthily etc).

It just feels all mixed up inside my head and confusing, and I just feel like my mind is a mush, and like I'm getting increasingly paranoid and weird thoughts coming into my mind, and like my speech is all stuttered and confused.

It also feels like I'm split into different personalities, and also, my mood is cycling like mad.

Psychiatrists have said it could be schizoaffective, but I'm not sure. It's really the voices that are really bothering me (even though I'm not sure if they are really voices).

There is just this constant alien presence in my head, and I could really do with some advice about what it is - it's very distressing.
Is it counted as hearing stuff if it is internal and without sound, but still in argument with me?