I was in my college department main office and the receptionist I talked to Is around my age, 24, and I asked for her help to let me into a lab room that was locked.

We had a goofy time walking up and down a few floors since she had to walk down with the keys. She got the wrong room keys the first time and we exchanged a few smiles...although I forget what we said to each other since it's been almost all day since this happened vs when I posted this just now haha

On the way down, I was behind her (following her lead) , and she seemed to purposely lift up the back of her shirt and scratch her back, making it blatantly obvious that she had a very nice rear end (she's already wearing yoga pants and has a huge booty and is super fit)

Her booty is amazing. Literally, the best I've seen in my life. She's pretty and has a magnetized smile and I'd like to ask her number.

What so you guys think, how should I proceed if I see her again? I would love to get to know her