We've been testing the CODEX laptop cases for the MacBook and MacBook Pro for about a week now and it's actually quite good if you need something to carry your machine—and only your machine—from place to place.
The cases are coated in "Viscotex", which feels like a combination of vinyl and plastic and has a brushed metal look to it. There's a detatchable handle and a little holder for your IR remote, and can actually be used as a case while your laptop's in use.
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After using it for a week, we can say it's a good solution for schlepping your laptop around. We usually go with a messenger bag because we can carry more than just a laptop in it, but for $70 (15-inch), $90 (17-inch), or $65 (13-inch), you can keep your MacBook safe from drops and bumps. Oh, and there's a pink 13-inch version for unicorn lovers as well.
The construction quality is solid, and will definitely be able to absorb shocks either by itself or as another cushion inside a backpack. There are two straps inside each case to secure the laptop as well.
And when your MacBook's in use, you can flip the case upside down and sit your laptop feet down on four pads so it can be raised up adequately for ventilation. The cases also come with
In short, it's a good laptop case with no real defects that we can see. – Jason Chen
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