For those of you who haven't heard of The World, it's an enormous project going on in Dubai. Where they will construct islands, that as a whole will resemble the different parts of our planet.
And today they announced that the design of their first continent is complete. The official name of the area is OQYANA (what?), however you and I would know it better as Australasia. It will be composed of 20 islands spanning 1.8m square feet, and will be the closest to Dubai's mainland, giving it the best views and easiest access to the real world.
We seem to say this every time Dubai announces a crazy engineering endeavor, but as soon as we're done learning Arabic we are so moving there. It's like they ask the coolest 5-year-old what kind of buildings they like, and then build them.– Benjamin Longo
Concept design finalized for Australasian continent on The World, Dubai []