Is anyone else as struck by the current visit of the philharmonic to north korea? Did you see the actual footage of north korean civilians learning english and taking internet classes? I am in COMPLETE shock and awe at seeing such things. I get very hopeful and excited even to hear of it.

Is this a possible approach to finding peace with North Korea? A non political, non biased one? Having private civilians and general public create relations with them?

I am currently in south korea. and have been taught to hate them. But witnessing first hand what we see on the news, and also seeing some things that isn't on the news I am not so sure anymore. I can honestly see north korea making progress and showing interest in the outside world.

Or maybe I am being dooped? Is this just an act? Is the north koreans allowing such things so suddenly nothing at all?

I would like to hope that NKorea is finally coming around.
Seeing them stand to our USA national anthem was very inspiring.....
I would like to say that I am in the U.S. Military and I am in south korea at this very moment. I see and hear things on a daily basis that are NOT ever leaked into the news. I really do think that they are slowly changing a bit. I do know that South Korea and North Korea would NEVER come together as one, not even with an invasion and/or regime change. South Koreans would NOT allow it, as it would crumble their ever growing economy.