In September i met this girl in one of my classes.we become friendly and she asked me for my number by saying "i was going to ask for your number but my phone isn't charged" then i gave her my phone and she put hers in also im not much of a texter my self

she has shown some signs she might like me back for example

-she sits with me almost always in class
-she walks with me after class
-i tape the college's basketball games (shes on the women's team ) and i catch her looking at me while on the bench and in the game =)
-when i walk by her friends they look at me like they are judging me
-i was eating launch and with my friends and i saw her and waved and my friend told me her friends pushed her to come talk to me and she did
-one time this guy came up to her and started hugging and groping her and then after i was walking away she caught up to me and told me she isn't with him like 2 times really fast

and other stuff.

my question is if she doesn't text or fb chat and all that **** can that mean she not interested? ive texted her before but it always ends up in 1 or 2 word answers.

also i didn't get a chance to say goodbye cuz its now chrismas break so i took the chance and texted her say have a awesome xmas break she replyed "thanks you toooo =)" and then i said thanks we should hang out sometime when we're back from break and she said "ya sure"

so again im asking is it a bad sign for a girl not texting you? i have a feeling she likes me but the fact she don't text me makes me wonder a bit

I know she's shown me signs it's just when I text her it doesn't go anywhere and I'm really not a fan of texting cuz I'm really bad at it and i rather talk in person

If you read this thanks for reading =)