Hello, I am 18 year-old Korean and about 6ft 2in tall. The picture is me. I am sorry about the length. Anyway, there is a Canadian girl I like goes to a college in California, and we never talked each other. I never had a white girlfriend, and I am really attracted to white girls. We both graduated from the same highschool. In highschool, she was always in the library and when we had eye contact in the hall way, she turned her eye away quickly like if she was ignoring me or giving a side glance at me. One day, I opened the door for her and she came quickly and said, "Thank you!" with a soft and excited voice. I always looked at her during chemistry class, but ironically caught her eyes glancing toward me triple times. Not at the same day. I caught her looking at me right infront of me, and another day we just had an eye contact diagonally at the same time. A few weeks later, when I just passed her, she gave a side glance. Later I asked if there is any upcoming chemistry quiz or hw and she spoke with soft and high voice again. So I started to have a conversation like a week ago on Facebook with her. I said "How's your college?" and she said, "Good and yours?" I replied "Being busy? haha" During conversation I said, "I want to visit california" Then she replied, "You should! It's so fun here!" Then I said "I feel jealous that you are in california." Then she replied, "It's so nice! Hahahah don't be jealous" But there was no reply after I said, "That's why I'm jealous. I want to live in a beautiful and sunny place." Does she actually want me to visit California or is she just saying? If I visit there, wouldn't I be look freak? Are there any signs like if she likes me? Should I talk to her more? Will I be able to get white girlfriend? How should I move on. (10points worth for only those people who write nicely)