I have been saying Kobe is the GOAT to those who recognize talent and people in this school of thought have been able to recognize the skills ahead of time and kind of laugh at the simpletons when they are just finally catching up e.g. when Kobe is retiring.

I made a statement the other day that Trevor Ariza has the raw athleticism and skill to become a Scottie Pippen type player and clowns like Reed Space who have barely graduated high school interpret that as "Ariza is better than Pippen." It remains to be seen if Ariza has the determination or work ethic to get there cuz as of now he is still just a role player, but he obviously has never played a great role on any team. Idiots like Reed Space are also quick to point out that Ariza's career high is 8.9 PPG YET Scottie only averaged 8 PPG when he was only receiving 20 MPG like Ariza. Wow dude, take a math class.

Also, he wants to talk about Luol Deng who is actually a pretty good player, but has obviously come off his best years and is declining from an all-star caliber player to just another point-forward. Sorry, but Deng has had his chance to shine. Ariza has bounced around the league and has now found a home in LA where he can steadily improve his talent to maybe fulfill the same roles Scottie Pippen had with the Bulls. Nobody has suggested Ariza is better than Pippen.