I've experienced about 9 deaths over the past month. When I go to sleep at night, I find myself waking up out of nowhere from dreams about these deceased people & animals however in my dream I can contact them, while at the same time realizing how impossible it is to contact them since they're no longer alive. One dream was about digging up the remains of a pet bird because she did not like how she was put to rest. Another dream, I was surrounded by the deceased & I wondered why I was seeing them while in my dream since I knew in reality they were dead. Another dream was about my grandfather, he was talking to my family & I was asking around "why he is here I thought he died", & they said he can come back if he wants. Before all of these deaths happened, I had a dream my parents were "putting me to sleep" & a nurse came up to me with some pills & an envelope that said "you will die tomorrow". A week later from that day was when the first death occured. Why am I dreaming about death?