For the past 5 night's I've had a dream of this little white girl, dark brown hair(almost black) with straight cut bangs && a long white dress with no shoes on && she looks about 5/6yrs old. It seems as tho she's tried to scare me every night. The first night, just kept laughing. The 2nd night, she made a horrifying face on the window of a car I was sitting in && so on. I normally can control my dreams but for some reason I can NOT control these. From what google says, I'm suppose to be having a rough year coming up but I just want to know if anyone else has had dreams similar to mine and what they might mean? I am going to sleep with a bible under my pillow tonight but any other advice would be great. I don't like waking up scared every night then having to try to fall back asleep. I'm literally exhausted!