So the night before I was dreaming of my crush, I have liked him since him and I had a college class with him about a year ago. The night before I remember not thinking of him at all. And I am dreaming of me in this beach setting. I was talking to some other person in my dream and i glimpsed up and i saw his face he saw me and we both said hi. Once i was done talking to that person i walked off into some outside markets around the beach. And I went to look and here comes my crush out of no where sits next to me where I was looking. Once I realized what I was doing i looked up and this Lady had a digital camera and took a picture of me and my crush. He started to hug me, hold my hand, kissed me on the cheek. It took me by surprise and him and I started to walk together around those markets while holding hands. We were going through the back and then we started to kiss. We were walking again and then some girl ran to him jumped on him and kissed him in front of me.I asked who this was he looked at me and smiled. I was upset and just left. I saw him walk into a classroom looking thing.and that girl appeared again I asked her if they were together she said yes...She went into the shop where my crush was and i was just looking around and the shop had pretty cool things. and there was this lady in there helping an engaged couple look for a necklace. I saw other necklaces an they were tangled and I untangled them and the guys fiance was yelling at me for tangling the necklace, i asked her to see it,so i can fix it for her. And i saw the necklace and it was perfectly fine not even tangled at all. she kept yelling at me to fix it. i told her it was fine. and then she got in my face i got the necklace and slammed it on the table and it Broke to pieces and walked out of the shop. And not realizing my crush was still in the shop. he followed me out side i knew he was behind me and i walked faster than him. so when I started to slow down he was almost to me, but then i woke up.

What does this mean? It has a meaning to this but i have no idea how to interpret this to my real life?