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    Weird nightmare story?

    I had this nightmare last night and tell me if you think it is a coincidence or something else is really going on. But first I need to tell you something else. A few months ago I remember going to bed, was moving all around in my bed to get comfortable and sleep. It was very dark in my room at the time. Now I can tell the difference between a shadow and a ghost. I remember seeing this translucent being. He was wasn't walking but was floating above the ground (maybe half a foot off the ground). I was a little curious but scared at the same time. I looked at it but was thinking to myself and hoping that it does not stare at me or come close to me. This figure was very detailed in shape and had distinct details including legs, upper body, arms, and a head with all it's features. The man looked to be African American according to what I saw. He looked white in colour but looked to be African American at the same time. I don't think this was me being half asleep and half awake because it had only been a few minutes (2-4) from when I had gotten into my bed. When I was thinking about the figure to go away, the figure I was seeing slowly vanished from my sight. The next incident was a few months later. If you have never heard of astral projection, it is sort of like an out of body experience. Well during that night, I was trying to get myself into that state so I could supposedly travel out of my body. I was a little skeptical at the time. I remember having my eyes closed but I could see everything in my room. The door was shut in my room but while I was doing this "astral projection" the door was open. In this astral projection, I remember floating a few feet above my body. At this time, I could see people flashing in front of my eyes. I don't remember them or know who they are. When I was floating above my body I thought to go back into my body and I was back. These are just some back stories for the nightmare that I had. A few months later I remember being asleep but my body was vibrating. It wasn't a seizer though. I felt like I was going to get out of my body but it didn't happen. A few seconds later I decided to wake up and go to the wash room. Now as I got out of my bed and walked to the bathroom, I heard I voice saying my name. Initially, I thought my father was talking to me but I could see that he was asleep. This was a very weird experience for me. It sounded as if whoever or whatever was speaking to me was saying it inside my head. This was a very real experience for me and very confusing initially. I have this habit of saying nig***. I don't say it in public or to my parents but the sounding of the words gets me to say it over and over. It's a weird habit. In this dream I had last night I had several dreams; but the second one was really scary. In the first one I was going sledding down a very large hill. I am fifteen years old so I am not into that stuff. Anyway's in the dream, I remember going sledding on these hills with no snow. I was with my father in the dream. It was starting to get dark so my father signalled me to get up the hill before nightfall. As a got up the dream slowly faded away. The next one scared the hell out of me. I remember walking down some steps. I think I was in a mall. The mall had been wreaked from the inside out. There was stuff all over the ground and glass was broken. As I was walking down the steps I could see no one. This made me feel vunerable and at that moment standing inside a broken glass wall was a demonic black child. fear instantly rushed through my body and the childs eyes filled me with fear. This isn't the kind of fear if you played Russian roulette or going into a house of flames or any scary situation; for that matter watching a scary movie. This fear that I had in my dream was pure fear, worse than anyone could think of or experience in there lives. The fear can't be described in words. Well when that nightmare was over, the next dream was of a person in my highschool who stole my wallet and was running away. Now I don't understand why the kid in the nightmare was black. Do you think it was a coincidence that he was black or maybe there is a connection between the ghost I saw and the demonic child?

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    You must stop astral dreaming.

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