The earliest known copy of the Book of Daniel found with the Dead Sea Scrolls was carbon dated to be written about 125BCE. Now, from reading the Bible, we know that Daniel wrote these prophecies around 530 BCE. The Book of Daniel that was carbon dated to be around 125 BCE is known to just be a copy of the original writing. Lets for the sake of argument agree that these prophecies were written around 125 BCE, and it was merely just a recounting of history, nothing prophetic about it. What about all the other prophecies it has in it that came true after this time period? If you're not familiar with the Book of Daniel, it foretells:

The Babylonian Empire, The captivity of the Jews in Babylonia, the overthrow of Babylonia by the Medes-Persians, it talks about how the Persians rose up to take over the empire from the Medes, from there it talks about Alexander the Great and the Greeks overthrowing the Persians and when he died how his kingdom was divided up into 4 kingdoms, and how out of one of these kingdoms (Syria) came a terrible King who desecrated the temple, put a stop to daily sacrifice, and set up an abomination in the temple.
This was fulfilled through Antiochus Epiphanes in about 168 BC. He set up a statue of Zeus in the temple, and killed alot of people brutally.

Ok, we're not done. We're still not past 125 BC.

It talks about how the next kingdom is referred to as a beast with ten horns. 3 of the horns are torn away to make room for one little horn. This little horn would persecute God's people for 1260 days (1260 years because God has appointed a day for a year in prophecies)
This was fulfilled with the Roman empire. The Holy Roman Empire destroyed 3 of these kingdoms (look it up in history, it's a fact) and the papacy was officially declared in 538 AD. It lasted until 1798, when the French exiled the Pope. Exactly 1260 years. We all know what atrocities the Roman Empire did in the Dark Ages. But did you know it was foretold in the Bible centuries before it happened?

The Bible tells us that in the end times, the mortal wound inflicted on the little horn will be healed, which we see being fulfilled before our very eyes with the Roman Empire (European Union) and they will once again inflict terrible persecution upon everyone, when the Church reunites with the Government. If you don't believe the Bible, then keep watching the Middle East and the European Union.
What do you have to say about this?

Yes Rick, you're right. I forgot to mention that the Book of Daniel also perfectly prophecies about Jesus coming. so that would validate Jesus, and therefore validate the New Testament also.