For those who don't know what a self fulfilling prophecy is, it's when you unconsciously have a positive effect on your prediction in an experiment.

Let's say that I have a theory that I cough more after 6 pm (for example) so I decide to test this theory. Any variable that is controlled by the tester has the chance of becoming a self fulfilling prophecy. So now when I test it, I might unconsciously cough more after 6 pm, proving my theory to be true when in actuality the time of day might have had no effect. Understand? Those who knew what it was from the beginning, sorry for that little detour.

Now to my point. I'm a Christian but as hard as I try, I can't stop questioning my faith and everything I believe in. So I'd like to get other opinions. Has anyone ever wondered if the bible is a self fulfilling prophecy? Because everyone is saying now a days that everything in the bible is coming true. Has anyone ever considered that we as Christians are unconsciously bringing this upon ourselves because we believe they're going to happen.

I'd appreciate thoughtful respnses agreeing of disagreeing with this theory. Thank you.
Wow, thanks for all the answers. They were all great and thought provoking. I can't pick my favorite so in a few days I'll let them be vote on. Thanks guys!