Well my dream began with me standing in the middle of a dark grey empty room, I then notice a very tall muscular older man around the age of perhaps in his early 40's standing beside me. He grabs my hand and tells me he is going to show me what fun is.

He lifts me up in the air and twirls me around and we start dancing, but since he was a very tall man my feet could not touch the floor. He then tells me " See, you are having fun! be happy" in a ordering type of manner.

We then go to a restaurant for some pizza and wait for a table that was reserved for us. As we sat down to eat, another man out of nowhere rushes to our table and tells us we must stop our association with each other.

The tall man then threatens this stranger to leave or he was going to hurt him, the stranger stops speaking and just stands near by our table.

What could this dream symbolize?