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    Junior Member mbubblesm's Avatar
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    May 2010

    Premonitions? I may have had one recently.. Are they even real?

    Ok so this is very currentbut this last week I had been seeing 9:11 Everynight night. I thought it was weird and I had a bad feeling about it. In my head I was thinking of the twin towers, right? So then on Thursday 2days ago. My dad went to the hospital. And I stopped seeing 9:11 (I keep seeing 11 though) Thats when I realized that it wasn't about the twin towers at all it was simply 911. Which my dad had called because he couln't breathe and needed to go to the hospital. I have had weird things happen to me in the past, but they have stopped. Like for about a week I knew when something would come, like my bus for school. I number would just pop up in my head and I would count and the bus came exactly when I got to 0 (I counted backwards). And another thing happened as well not to long before the bus thing (This was my first time ever expiencing stuff like this) But I was playing Hide and go seek with my sister at my grandmas house. (She has a really big house, lots of room.) And it was my turn to count. So I turned on my phone timer so I didn't have to count. and then my mind just started skimming images in my head? Then it stopped on the master guest bedroom downstairs of her in the middle of the large closet sitting crisscross apple sauce staring up so she would see me when I opened the door. So thats the first place I looked, and I was thinking oh she's isn't really gonna be there! That was way descriptive, so how would it be possinble. So I opened the closet doors and she was their EXACTLY how I saw her. It freaked me out tho.... So please tell me are premonitions real or something? I just am confused and I need scientific help

    Something else that happened to me before that was like a premonition was that In my head all the sudden I saw a date. It was June 24th. A friday. I saw it like 3-4 months before June. I knew something good was going to happen that day.And I didn't forget the date. So when my dad came home from his vacation to Arizona I realized it was Friday June 24th. And It was definetly a good thing he came home. I had missed him so much! But You see I just don't know what all this 'stuff' means? Am I some kinda of phycic or something? I know some ppl don't believe in that.. but still?

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    Member Graybeard's Avatar
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    Jul 2008
    Coincidence. There are no premonitions or psychics.

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