I'm not gonna make a tree because that will take much time. I will put this in a brief passage.
AFC - The 6th seed Chargers defeat the 3rd seed Bengals
The 4th seed Colts top the 5th seed Chiefs
The 4th seed Colts again win against the 2nd seed Pats.
The 6th seed Chargers fall to the 1st seed Broncos
The 4th seed Colts defeat the 1st seed Broncos

The 6th seed Saints fall to 3rd seeded Philly
The 5h seed 49ers fall to 4th seed Packers
The 1st seed Seahawks get eliminated by the 4th seed Packers

The 2nd seed Panthers fall to the 3rd seed Eagles
The 4th seed Packers eliminate Philly
The Colts defeat the Packers