I got really scared when I woke up from a dream. I heard dreams can actually happen but I realize it's only a theory. But befor I went to bed I was playing around with my dog. Mind you, I'm just 12 so my dog is like my child and I'd do anything for him hes the thing I care about most. But anyways I played with him longer than I usually do. But after that my sister and my moms bf were in a huge screaming fight and I was sitting right between them with my moms dogs laying on me scared outta his mind. After about 20 when I calmed down I went to bed. Then I started to have this nightmare about my dog falling from a tree (remember hes like my child love him to death) I didn't catch him in time and he lands on the ground falling from a good 20ft or so. I go to check for ingueies and he broke his wrist. I ask my mom to bring him to an animal hospital and she say no! And she leaves with hher bf. Now I have no idea what it means. I think it could mean he wants more attention cuz I haven't played with him outside too often and I think I should but I want to know why do we have these kind of dreams? Why did I have this dream?