Does it still come to pass?

I had a very maniuplative arrogant friend who was dating a married man with two children (under the age of 5 to raise) while his wife was working 60 hour weeks... well I was fantasizing about telling her off and giving her a piece of my mind and then I opened my bible to a random verse and the verse I was reading described the situation PERFECTLY. It said "mortal prophesy to the negeb" so I "prophesied to her."

But the things that I said sound hard to believe I said that

a) God would infiltrate the cosmological powers that govern her existence on earth with wrath and judgement...

b) God would take away her carnal glory and splendor which is the sexual power that she has over men. It's just she's been a size 1 or 2 her entire life, and I can't imagine... her suddenly "losing" her beauty... however that's what the bible says regarding her.. when I was told to prophesy to her.