racist family ? So I am by born American but my family is strict coming from an Indian decent so they think very traditional. I am 20 years old and I am looking for serious relationship with a good decent guy who is smart , educated, respectful, honest and not a looser who does not want to use me temporary because I am pretty. I never been in a relationship because I can tell what type of person are jerks hitting on me because they think I am pretty and they are needy. However, needy boys don't really care because they just want you temporary so it wont really matter how my family is. I think it might even take 4 years to find a good decent guy who I think is intelligent and dedicated. Yet I wonder would a decent guy want to marry knowing that my family never wants me to date and have a boyfriend and marry someone they arranged ? Not only that, I have a huge family and my brother in law and sisters are even more strict and it gets frustrating!My family know I am going to a different state for college and my sister was telling me not to have any boyfriends because they will arrange after my bachelors degree. I told them why? and they said all the good boys from our culture are booked and they wont have time so go can get married and then do masters. Also, In school this guy and a girl was saying that its not a good idea to date someone with strict family because they have to go tough a lot of crap and they will date you for like 2 years and leave because of their strict family and they don't want to get caught.That is not even true because I want a dedicated guy that wont leave me because if I think they are temporary, I never go out with them. Not only that, I hope I find someone before I finish my bachelors because I am worried what if they set me up with someone I am not attracted to.Also. I know it's kind of weird and I am not dating an African but I am really attracted to their race.I really don't know why. I mean, and many other people discriminate their race saying that they wear low pants and they are thugs. I mean I like decent people why would Iike ow life thugs?
I did tell them in the past and then the whole family just starts teaming up and yelling at me until I agree. I don't think anyone wants to go through problems with them.

No matter how much I try they will never change their mind. It gets frustrating.