I've had many dreams where a few days later maybe even years later it would happen for real. Sometimes I get this gut feeling and it's almost always right. Anyways so several months ago in a random place I crossed paths with this guy, we looked at each other and instantly it's crazy but he just felt like my future husband . I felt comfort and this feeling of idk like he will be a part of my future . Months later I get this strong dream of me and him almost together then I leave and walk alot etc i come across this house and enter it and it has this women and I just keep sitting an staying in that house idk why and then this tall guy comes through and enter the house and I feel close intimate with him and all but his face doesn't show. He's just right. Also I've also had several intense dreams where I was with my future husbands (years before the experience and latest dream) where I was close and intimate with what seemed to be my future husband. But his face was never clear and physically he was different in the dreams yet it felt like the same man the same spirit. Also when I saw him he was from a certain nationality from his clothing. In the latest dream he was wearing that country's clothes.