I forgot to put the AFC teams but I'll give you what I think they'll do. I wont put any details since I will not have any room to do so.

You can comment if you like, keep it non-libelous and no insults please. I'd like to hear what you think and post any suggestions. remember, this is a pre-season predictions so they will not be completely accurate. dont turn this post into a brawl. Anyone who does this will be reported. This is not McAfee collesium or Lincoln Financial Field so do not get mad over this.
1 Chicago
2 Green Bay
3 Detroit
4 Minnesota
1 Tampa Bay
2 New Orleans
3 Atlanta
4 Carolina
1 Philadelphia
2 Dallas
3 New York Giants
4 Washington
1 Arizona
2 Seattle
3 San Francisco
4 St. Louis
1 Pittsburgh
2 Cincinnati
3 Baltimore
4 Cleveland
1 Houston
2 Indianapolis
3 Tennessee

4 Jacksonville
1 New England
2 New York Jets
3 Miami
4 Buffalo
1 San Diego
2 Oakland
3 Kansas City
4 Denver
Minnesota is lower than Detroit only because Brett Favre Might be returning and that will be dangerous if the Vikings get them. If Brett Favre does not return, Expect Minnesota to surpass only the Green Bay Packers in the 2 slot in the NFC North.

Tampa Bay is the head of the division because I picked them to be the surprise team in the NFC. Actually, on paper, New Orleans or Atlanta should be number 1 but I wanted to have some fun and pick a surprise team.