I'm nearly 18, recently had a dream where I was in a playground, but it was a huge, in-door playground. I was sitting by myself in this MASSIVE slide, just at the end of it, swinging my legs over the edge. The dream flashed forward to me making out with a girl I had once thought was cute (however I never pursued her), but I haven't seen her in about a year. In the dream I could feel and smell everything, in the dream, I slipped my hand down her front and only barely touched her hoo-haa, and as soon as i did that, she said "Wait, stop.." and held up a Yu-Gi-Oh card, (Yes a Yu-Gi-Oh card, I haven't seen these since I was like 10), anyway, she opened up the Yu-Gi-Oh card, as if it were a packet, and pulled out a pad, (for periods), then her face went red and the dream cut off there.

What the fuck? WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!

inb4 fetishes. I am not a virgin and have just left a two year relationship if this means anything.