because she doesn't like me? My fiance and I got engaged a week ago. At the time he told me my engagement ring would be a family heirloom-a ring that has been in his family for 4 generations. His father gave his mom the ring when they got engaged and tradition has it that she passes it down to me with her blessing. Problem is, she won't hand over the ring because she does not like and approve of me. I am hurt, humilated and embarrassed by this-one, because his mother does not like me and two, because everyone in my fiance's family knows that she doesn't like me and won't hand over the ring. The whole family is speculating about the reasons she dislikes me and the rumors have been nasty. My fiance's mom intends to give the ring to his sister instead, so she can pass it onto her daughter, FMIL's granddaughter. Well, my fiance and I took action. We went to his grandmother, FMIL's mother-in-law, who she got the ring from. We told her what happened and she called FMIL and demanded the ring be handed over to me. She also reminded FMIL that the ring was not her property and she had to give it to me per family tradition. FH's grandma told her either she give me the ring or FMIL hand it over to her. FMIL still won't part with the ring. What am I going to do? I am so hurt!