Hi. Ive had a history or having premonition dreams. I dream of things before they happen. If you don't believe in that kinda stuff its ok I didn't really either. I believed stuff beyond our knowledge existed but i dont know what. Anyways the past few nights i get these dreams. The first one was me getting my period but im on the pill and just started a new pack so I thought that was odd. Then I spent a few night at my friends house and somewhere between my house and hers i lost my bc pills so I didn't take them and bam a period. Coincidence? Ok well now next night I have a dream of a plane exploding over an ocean. If you look in the news there was a plane either leaving france or going to france idk but it exploded in air above the atlantic ocean. Coincidence? Next I have a dream about a past. I guess you would call him a friend of a friend. The guy who I dreamed about is my bffs friends not really mine. So anyways I have a dream about this guy being a jock in high school and acting crazy in the locker room like most guys do like snap the towel on someones bare butt or the whole don't bend over in the shower thing lol. Anyways I asked him and sure enough him and his friends did that kinda stuff. Its just freaky how my dreams are being. Ive been getting these kinda dreams for years but lately its every night to where I cant sleep. What can I do.