Many people have brought this up in my life that it has caused me depression and anxiety. I'm 35 and people say I look like I have downs syndrome or some sort of retardation. This has really depressed me to be honest, as I've never had a girlfriend and get rejected a lot because of how I look. I'm sure if i WAS retarded I wouldn't of passed my college diploma all those years ago, drive a car, ride a bicycle, learn computer software etc.

I am from Finland. Is it just that I carry too much body fat in my face and need to lean out combined with my somewhat short midface length? I was also diagnosed with an underactive thyroid, could that be the problem? (i'm on meds since 34 for that now, though) I am aged 32 in this picture:

Please don't say I look "normal", because obviously I don't as women would of wanted to have dated me by now instead of being rude and nasty because of how I look. My look has ruined my life, literally, and I want honest answers.