My friend and I had very similar dreams at the same time, on the same night (in real life).

MY DREAM: Me and my friend were at the beach. There were many people there, but I noticed that the ocean waves started to get bigger and bigger, and more violent. Something told me that a tsunami was about to strike. So I convinced my friend to get a plane ticket to escape the tsunami with me. We got on a plane, and it took off into the sky. But suddenly, we were back on the ground, and pieces of our plane were lying in the road in what looked like "wreckage". I looked for her, and when I found her, we were both physically attacked by the other people around us. *The end*


MY FRIEND'S DREAM: She saw that her and I were traveling to a religious place where bombs were apparently set up to go off at any moment. So she and I went to the nearest station to leave, but there was no train. We kept waiting, and we ended up getting on the wrong train where we walked out at the wrong destination. Then there's a huge storm.

I disappeared from the dream for a bit. There's a blind girl whose mother left her with my friend. My friend had to go downstairs with the blind girl, and she also wondered where I was. My friend ended up in a mall where a fight broke out. The blind girl lead my friend into the direction of the fight, and then vanished. My friend then turned backwards, and saw police officers who sent her back into the direction of the fight.

Somehow my friend evaded the bullets from the fight, and arrived at some place with a staircase. She walked up the stairs and found me again. And there was a solid wall where the door should've been, so my friend and I were trapped again. There was a hammer nearby that my friend used to break down the wall, and we got out. Then there was a huge explosion, and the mall went up in flames.

The dream ended with my friend and I catching a plane, and leaving the city.