I was having a nightmare, about I'd say an hour ago, and i ended up waking up by the red and blue flashing ambulance lights. When I had fully opened my eyes of course I realized there really were no abulance lights being that i was in my bed, in my room. I can't recall seeing or hearing anything today relating to ambulance so I don't think it would be due to anything like that that I saw it. Would this be a premonition of something? I don't know, I guess just the way I immediatly woke up just from the lights and not from any of the other things I saw in my nightmare. It's just been bothering me. Another thing to add about my nightmare, it had nothing to do with anything that would associate with ambulances or emergencies. My whole nightmare in short was that I was in the movie Mama, I believe it's called. And then the lights flashed and I awoke. I know it doesn't necessarily mean something bad is going to happen to me but perhaps to someone I know. I don't know, I was just looking for some further insight on this. I know it's poorly explained but hopefully it makes some sense.

Thanks in advance.