I climbed on top of a shed, waiting for my daughter to come out of the stable she was at. Instead this guy around my age comes out was talking to a cop then the cop goes in and he spots me. (OK he knows who i am and doesn't want me to interfere with his plans) So he comes onto the roof, then tries to strangle me then I magically throw him from the roof, then throw some ice on his shoulder considering he bent his shoulder way out if place. Then everyone comes out. I jump down, the kids come up to me asking if what they were wearing was to ride horses. I told them no, then looked for the owner she came out holding the hand of my daughter. they all gathered around two chairs by a tree that guy was leaning against the tree. I watched them as my daughter was sitting in one chair then i remembered something in one of the books i read. I started walking closer. then started whispering cut repeated. Every time i did the owner got a cut on her throat. all but a few kids run inside. by this time time the owner was dead and the guy tried coming after me again and then i screamed die then everyone in that field was dead except for my daughter. i went and grabbed her and the cop came out helped me up and wile i was holding my daughter. then i woke up feeling guilty for murdering the kids