Randy Orton VS Triple H 3 Stages of Hell
this is hard.. i predict orton wins 2/3

CM Punk Vs. Jeff Hardy
i think C.M punk will win with another controversial victory in order to gain heat

Colons vs. Legacy for tag belts
im going for legacy but u never know colons could win either way idc much for this match

Christian vs. Finlay vs. Swagger. Henry Scramble match
i actually enjoyed these matches at unforgiven.. hmm hard i hope either finlay or christian win or dreamer retains i wouldnt mind swagger wining as long as henry doesnt win

Melina vs. Michelle Mcool
i hope mcool wins melina has had the belt for a while now.. and nothing interesting has happaned with it, mcool is a big personality it should be interesting if she becomes the first women to hold diva and womens championships

Jericho vs. Mysterio

most likely will end in a dq somehow but id be find if either mysterio or jericho win


Cena vs. Miz
i hope miz goes over in this match. but knowing the wwe cena would win