Research project, collecting data. Please answer as many as you can. Thank You for your cooperation.

-How is neoshamanism different from classic shamanism? Do you think the term shaman is appropriate to use in Western societies?

-In gambling, we know that the result of throwing a pair of dice is a random event, yet gamblers believe that various behaviors can influence the results. This is an example of magical thinking. What does this mean?

-Someone gives you a "lucky charm" that you place in your pocket, and soon afterward something very good happens that you attribute to the charm. Is this an example of magic? Explain.

-"Magic always works." Is this statement true? Explain.

-There are two major types of magic: homeopathic magic and contagious magic. How are they similar and how are they different? Provide some examples of each type as used in the area of healing.

-Can you think of any examples of magical thinking in your own life?