My friend Cassondra was charged with theft over 5,000$ at walmart . They tried to prove it but there was NO Evidence to prove anything. Witch she really didnt do it because the girls she was cool with were doing it and she didnt want to tell. So When it all came down she was arrested ad sent to jail and was release on bond for 580$ Went to the D.A office and the man told her he had to drop it because there was NO evidence. But they made her pay back 300$ for breaking a few things. I guess to make walmart happy. lol Should she put that she worked at walmart on her new application she is filling out for another store? & CAN she work again at walmart since there was NO CONVICTION AT ALL??? She really is looking to get back into work. Besides she called the jail house and they said there is NO RECORD of it at all and she is clean besides the minor things she did when she was younger like fighting but thats not the case.