This New Labour Government have continued the policies of Margaret Thatcher since they came to power in 1997, ie in looking after the welfare of the rich, this has always been the main policy ethos of the right. So Cameron's right wing Tories have nowhere to go.

In my opinion the people of this country are waiting for David Cameron and his ministers to come up with grass roots answers to their grass roots problems for a better and fairer Society, but Cameron has not come up with anything yet.

Between now and the next general election, the polls will go up and down, giving the media pundits enough information to turn everything into an intellectual debait for those involved in the media to quell their bank balances, and that will be it.

Come the next general election the Tories will have to find some way of being an effective opposition to the right wing New Labour Government, because the Tories cannot attack their own policies which New Labour have taken from them.

What are you're views on all this ?