ASAP please? Hey so we have 2 neutered male cats living with us and have been together for 1-2 years now, one is 3 and the other is 1. Recently they have been fighting as i have seen even though before it was more play fighting My older cat has come home with blood on the left side of his neck all dried up and when i touch it, it hurts. When the younger cat goes near the older one now they fight or the older one hisses. Im so sure on what to do? i don't know if it was our younger cat who did it, The younger cat is more of a house cat so barely goes outside or doesn't really go far but the older one goes outside allot and usually is in my room or follows me and sleeps where ever i am. I love them both to bits but it worries me on if it will happen again or if it was them in the fight. I need advice please can someone tell me what i should do. (as you can see by the Original question they are both neutered) would love to know asap.