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    Hue L

    Need to painlessly poison and kill my neighbor's dogs?

    So my neighbor has like 5 or 6 pretty big dogs. They "mark" their territories everywhere, occasionally bark all night long and harass the passing pedestrians. Now I can live with that, but a week ago they went over to my driveway and killed one of my cats. All of them at once came and treated my cat as though it were a feather stuffed pillow, and today they were about to jump into my backyard and would've done the same thing again had I not thrown stones at em'. My cats have to live in my backyard due to my family asthma problems, and I now have 4 kittens and one old one. Been here for around 3 years and never had any problems until now and the last thing I want is one of my kittens completely ripped to pieces. Taking my cats in is out of the question for my mom would literally die due to her asthma if I did. So, to get to the point, what's the quickest and most painless way to poison and kill a dog? Called a pound, no results. Owner is a bastard, doesn't listen.

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    like im going to tell you that, thats bad and you could end up in prison for that.

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    sweet sweet jane
    Don't let your cats wander around a back screened in porch; use a extra large carrier. Don't be a sicko.....I think they have a special place for people who needlessly kill animals.....It is called and Michael Vick can be roomies!!

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    Nacho Libre
    Put rat poison in a bag of treats

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    Nacho Libre
    Put rat poison in a bag of treats

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    ya i was wondering that too. my neighbor has a "outside" cat. you know one of thoes pets where its cute when you see it occasionaly but you outerwise dont really care about it, ya one of thoes. so i notice they went some were for the last few days and i saw the cat walking in there yard. so im generaly a nice person so i thought i might give it some human interaction. so i pet it and im not threating it or hold ing it down and it likes me. so i go into the garage and get it some of my dogs food. i put a handfull down in front of it and it looks un interested so i continue to gently pet it. then out of the blue with out a hiss or any obious warning it turns ant bites my hand! so i didnt do any thing but shoo it away untill i notice im really bleading bad. so i sweept up the food and went in side. so now im going to get it to come over andim going to put it in my deep freezer or maby ill put out some antifreez in a nice dish. i likeed the rat posin idea or my personal faf i get it in the raccoon trap with a can of tuna and take it down to the river. i think its painless but regard less that son of a bitch cat has to pay. dont get me wrong i like the people very much but what if the cat had snaped on some ones toddler? what would you do if a cat mangled your babys face? ill tell you 12 gage to the head! i am doing it a favor!

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    you can kill a dog very easily. put rat poison (if the product comes in a granular form mix it in a meat-ball; if it's small pillows they go merely "nude") on their paths. you should study a bit the places they like to smell & mark. pay attention not to leave any tracks: don't pay with credit card, don't buy form near-stores, don't keep the packing (don't throw it in your own garbage either!). usually rat poison contains an active substance called BRODIFACOUM. the antidot for this is a K-vitamin injection. if the neighbor suspects (in time) his dogs of being poisoned (severe lazyness, loss of appetite) a veterinarian doctor could save the dogs. a rat poison packing would normally mark the enough dose a rat /mouse needs to eat in order to die. an average rat has 200-240 grams and to find out the dose needed by a dog, multiply the rat-dose according to the neighbor's dogs weight.
    good luck!

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    soak french bread in antifreeze

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    You people are all sick and should go to h***. Maybe he should poisen your cats instead. You sick f***!

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    Don't use antifreeze or ratpoison. They would suspect that someone killed their dogs. There are other legal poisons that are very bad for dogs and mostly untraceable. The one that works the best is macadamia nuts. Chocolate also works but you'll need a large dosage. Most nuts is poisonous for dogs. Mix the nuts into a meatball and see if it works. If the dogs are on your property and you kill them there is nothing your neighbors can do because the law is on your side.

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