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  1. #21
    you are one sick piece of crap! kill you're cats instead you crap-eating dingus!

  2. #22
    Quote Originally Posted by Hue L View Post
    So my neighbor has like 5 or 6 pretty big dogs. They "mark" their territories everywhere, occasionally bark all night long and harass the passing pedestrians. Now I can live with that, but a week ago they went over to my driveway and killed one of my cats. All of them at once came and treated my cat as though it were a feather stuffed pillow, and today they were about to jump into my backyard and would've done the same thing again had I not thrown stones at em'. My cats have to live in my backyard due to my family asthma problems, and I now have 4 kittens and one old one. Been here for around 3 years and never had any problems until now and the last thing I want is one of my kittens completely ripped to pieces. Taking my cats in is out of the question for my mom would literally die due to her asthma if I did. So, to get to the point, what's the quickest and most painless way to poison and kill a dog? Called a pound, no results. Owner is a bastard, doesn't listen.
    buddy, and we need to cut your nuts off.... i would even go to as painlessly.

  3. #23

    Paperclip bhaskar

    legally it is problem to kill neighbour dog.
    You have to give nusense complaint on neighbour

  4. #24

    Devil fucking tree huggers

    lol.. i was looking for something completely different but fuck your guys answers are funny

    if you have a PET which in my humble opinion is completely different from an ANIMAL, than said pet should either always be restrained by you or be kept in your home and your responsibility is to make sure this pet is not a danger or a nuisance to your community. Pets that are a nuisance to your community should not necessarily be killed but should most definitely be immediately removed from your care since it is obvious you're a completely inept Owner. (btw outdoor cats/dogs are a huge nuisance to communities and can be seized by the police YAY)

    on the other hand, i also believe that pets that have endangered or pose a danger to your community should be immediately put down (in a humane way if you're a fucking tree-hugger) no ifs ands or buts.. thank god the laws of first world countries agree with me on this

    to the OP (original poster) sure you can poison em, but be ready to suffer the legal consequences which can result in jail time as other posters have stated (although its very limited and unless you burn all his dogs alive or something there's no way you're going to serve more than 30 days + community service... but ur community is gonna know about it and severely dislike you for it...

    the best way in my opinion to get rid of the dogs of someone who cannot train/control them properly is to simply cook up some yummy bacon and stick it on the outside of the dogs' fence when the owner will be gone for the day... i promise you the dogs will find away outside of the fence whether by digging or what not... anyways simply wait for them to do so and call the pound... the owner will not be able to get them back until he can prove that he can keep them enclosed properly.. and if you drop a complaint to the pound that they're barking excessively, they will also require that he purchase electric dog collars to stop the dogs from barking... anyways all in all for multiple dogs and a large backyard this can end up getting pretty pricey and its most likely that the owner of the dogs will simply go out and buy new dogs.. if they're puppies you're lucky and you get a few months of peace...

    in the end just rinse and repeat with the new dogs... it is not illegal for you to drop bacon on the side of the road or leave heaps of meat in your yard, and even if the owner can prove that that is what you're doing... it doesnt mean he gets to keep his dogs, his dogs still broke out and can possibly pose a danger to your community so legally must be removed from his care.

    ive done this successfully once before to teach a neighbor a lesson, because his dog was shitting in my yard... after the owner and I fought he learned his lesson, went out and spent the money to put cement under his fences and my problem was solved

    hope this helps :-)

  5. #25

    you're justified!

    Non stop barking dogs and what you describe can push one to extremes. I have to deal with barking dogs and It's really getting to be. I have many dogs and a couple of cats. I love animals but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. They killed your family, you have a natural right in my book to strike back.

    I love animals, but I wouldn't hold it against you if you did it.

  6. #26


    Quote Originally Posted by sweet sweet jane View Post
    Don't let your cats wander around a back screened in porch; use a extra large carrier. Don't be a sicko.....I think they have a special place for people who needlessly kill animals.....It is called and Michael Vick can be roomies!!
    Vick should be KILLED no doubt, but this is totally different. YOU live with this problem. YOU EXPERIENCE this problem, THEN come back and let's see what tune you're whistling.

    Also, it was the ass hole Neighbor's dogs that trespassed and KILLED for fucking christ's sake!

    I understand your passion, but you being a fool. Too bad the owners of the killing pack couldn't be killed with just a 30 day jail sentence. That would be worth it.

  7. #27
    sorry about your cat. yeah i understand nuisance dogs will drive you insane, literally. dog packs are no fucking joke, even domesticated ones. they revert very quickly. we had two packs roaming my hometown (actually a medium city). they do attack people. when dogs are not controlled, they become very dangerous, because they have no fear of humans.

    i love dogs, but they can become extremely dangerous when their owners neglect to train and mantain them properly. i have a large scar on my face to prove that true. they become free roaming guns, firing at random.

    but keep this in mind:
    if you kill his dogs, he will probably kill your cats.

    videotape the dogs scaling the fence, and call the authorities.

  8. #28

    Nick . UK

    If any of you perverts my dog they would suffer my revenge. They should also get a life. Such sick people

  9. #29

    Gun much needed vengeance

    my dog was recently killed by my neighbors dog. My dog was a teacup poodle and his killer was a rotweiler. that dog killed my best friend that i had known for 9 years and had grown up with. I swore on my dogs grave that i would get him back for this. He will be avenged. i will show that damned owner to keep his dog on a leash...

  10. #30
    i hope you dog murderers all get herpes, on your face.

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