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How can I tell if my cat's leg is sprained or broken? It's not crying - Page 4 - OffTopic Community - iHav.net

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    Heart New hurt leg on kitten

    my grandpa shut one of my kittens paw in a window and it was stuck into he lift the window up.and now the next day it wounld not even stand at all so what can i do to help my kitten.if there is no way should i take to a vet?

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    I think it is hilarious how most replies that deal with animal injuries just inform the owner to take the animal to the vet. If u have no more useful information to give then what ne pet owners last resort n probably first thought was, just stop wasting everyone's, (including your) time, geez-u think it would b a no brainier to just not post if u have no valuable info to write! Cats and dogs for that matter r more resilient then peps give them credit for. Cats have been around since 1600 bc, or that's at least the first documented ownership of a domestic cat and the first vet wasn't till the 1700s and better yet the first school wasn't until almost the 1800s! Cats prospered and lived hundreds of thousands of years without vets and still could today. There are some serious conditions that need treatment but there is tons of money wasted every year on vet visits that were unneeded! And as for treating your kids the same as your pets, that freaking ridiculous! I grew up on a farm, have two kids and 5 pets currently. I love all my animals n believe when u take on a pet it's a responsibility n ur job to care for its needs but in no way would compare that to love or the distance I would go for my child. Neone who puts its pet on the same level as its child should note allowed to reproduce. If my dog bit someone and seriously injuries them for no reason (wasn't teased, hit, etc...), I would definitely have to consider having it put down or caged unless supervised. If my child bit someone, none of these same thoughts would even enter my mind! Oh n as for the answer, "what would u do if your child's hand was slammed in the door?"-I guess it would all depend on the severity of the injury. Went camping 3 wks ago, n my nephew actually shut door completely on his index finger. Wasn't broke, didn't break the skin, so guess what?- we didn't run to the er, we iced it n it's was fine in a couple days. So am I a bad aunt n a horrible pet owner, no I'm just realistic n use scientific methods to form a plan of action. Had his finger been unmoveable or a compound fracture, as with an animal, ya we would b seeking help from a trained professional. My advice to you is to request some antiinflammatories from your vet, ice the injured paw, restrict the cats activity as much as possible (try confining the cat to a bedrm or bathroom), make all needs for the cat easily accessible, and give ur kitty some love. If there is no improvement or the cat is getting noticeably worst, go in for a vet exam. N for the owner of this pet, I'm so sorry so many idiots have the ability to post n for u idiots that post, find something to post about that ur actually knowledgeable about, otherwise u just sound ignorant!

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    re: cat with broken leg?

    It's sad but true that veterinary care is just too expensive for many of us now, regardless of how much we love our pets. My dog and cat are both rescues and I feel I've given them many years of loving care (including all the proper shots and vetting needed to this point) but right now I have to be my own vet, as there are human members of my family who require major $$$ support. That 0-0 for the vet visit and xrays has to go to gas for my sister or groceries for her and her son, or maybe to pay her utility bill.

    I am in the same boat- cat has injured his leg and wouldn't use it. I have confined him to a small area with his favorite bed, food, water, and a 'handicapped' litterbox. After 4 days he is beginning to put weight on the leg and doesn't object when I handle it, but now he's constipated. Who knows, we may end up at the vet yet, but I'm going through all Mom's best home remedies first.

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    1 week, he's OK

    It's been 1 week today since my cat came home with an injured (I believe broken) rear leg. I confined him to a small room with food, water, his favorite comfy bed, a litter tray, and plenty of attention from myself and husband. It worked. After 4 days of carefully lifting him in and out of the litter several times a day and coaxing him to eat with some tuna treat, he started putting weight on the leg and is now able to jump and walk almost normally. He can even jump onto the dining table with no problem(damn! I had to break him of that years ago and now I think he's taking advantage of my sympathies!)

    I just people to know that with research and a little common sense you can do a lot for yourself. Of course we would have found a way to take him in if we hadn't seen some improvement in just a few days.

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    my cat's foot is limping what can i do to help it?

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    wow rivka, so cats are equal to humans, no they are not, if i step on a mouse should i run that to the vet too.

  8. #38

    not running right away to vet is ok sometimes

    yes, not running right away to the vet is my motto, with some exceptions of course, as well. I would have spent lots of $$ at vet when i did not need to do so. my other kitten limped and played for a day and was all better, watching this one for a day or so before taking in for treatment, cats are pretty resilient, moreso than dogs. just feel for swelling, ck for something in paw, which are pieces of info/advice obtained doing search for kitten w/ sprained leg.

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    The question wasnt should they take it ro the vet, but how can you tell if it is sprained or broken. You morons are no help. Not a single one of you had the common sense to answer their adtual question. Stop replying if you cant help

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    Wow some of u people are ignorant not everybody is rich enough to pay for A vet . So stoo beinh rude and dumb. I'm sure yhey know to take it to vet .. I habe same problem with my kitten and was looking for answer I tried to take her to vet but they wOn't even look at her unless I have 300 up front plus pay rest befo catcan be release and as I said not everyone is rich so unless u can answer yhe question bugger off some people need real answers not ur ignorant mouthhe

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