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    my cat fell from high up on furniture...bout 6wks? limpiing wat do i do its 1 in the morning?

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    Are you Serious.

    You know, you people are friggin RUDE.
    I came in here looking for advice since my cat, too, appears to have a sprain. I will take him to the vet, when the holiday weekend is over. He is looking at me right now, he is not crying, and he is FINE.

    You know when people come in here it is for HELP. Not to be told they are some abusive asshole. All I want to do - like this poor bastard asking the question - is make him more comfortable in the meantime.

    This cat is my favorite pet. Ever. But sometimes you have to give nature a second. You people jumping up and down at a drop of a hat is why the vet is so overpriced to begin with.

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    well, not everyone can afford VETERINARIANS, $$$$$

    I had a kitten, sister to my cat now. When it was a kitten, my roomates threw it off the loft floor down 15 or so feet to a couch on the floor below. The runt of the two, broke his leg after continous tossing

    I should of taken legal action against them or made them pay for the healing. I was broke and young at the time.

    still makes me cry when I think about it. I ended up bringing it to humane society, pretty sure they put it down. I wish I had my cats sister still. Perfect pair.

    Well, I was giving my cat a bath(fleas), long story; well he usually is fine with it, but people were around so, she acted different. Anyway jumped like 5 feet over my head, out of bath, and landed on the toliet, legs all sorts of wrong places, and ever since she is now limping and has a bloody mouth for a bit. Her leg is swallen by the knee join of her back leg. Im hoping its a sprain. Ill keep an eye it and hope its just that. A vet bill, xray bill, ect would wreck me right now in this recession. If it comes to that guess ill be picking up a spare job to pay the vet

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    Wow calm down! She/He may not have the money to take it to the vet that's why they are asking how to tell first so that they do not waste their money if it is fine! Honestly a cat is your pet not CHILD it is a completely different situation! That is why I linked to this website bc I thought my cat's leg is broken but I do not have 00 to get xrays and treatment for it.

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    wow thanks cat mom.. .. my cat actually did come home limping last night and some of us dont have the money to get overpriced xrays.... especially if its just sprained.....

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    the broken door of the closet fell onto my cat leg(i donno how)but it's hurting can walk but with difficulty and there is no blood or a scratsh.what should I do to make sure that if it's broken or not?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweet_gal117 View Post
    if u even think your cats legs can possibly be sprained or broken, take it to the vet!! idk y u wudnt take ur kitten to the vet immediately after seeing it get its paw slamed in a door. and also if its limping, thats a bad sign.VET!!!
    Wow. I can see you need to go take some english courses to teach you how to spell. And for your information, some people, like me and maybe even the person who described their problem above, might not have enough money to take their cat to the vet. And usually people like you who tell people to take their cat to the vet without giving them any other advice, end up costing the poor person $30 just for a vet to look at it and nothing be wrong.

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    I had almost the same problem last night, and my cat is 18 years old. She jumped off my bed or fell off or whatever, but she hurt her leg. She will put weight on it, but barely. She can still move it, but only slightly. She tries to walk, but she tries so it wont hurt. I dont know if it's twisted because it feels the same way as the other leg does. I don't feel any problems with her leg. Idk what to do though. I want to take her to the vet, but I dont wanna have her put down. what do i do? if its not bad and just a sprain, will it be easy to fix? if its broken, will it be costly to get it casted or such?

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    All these people that say take your cat to the vet must have money coming out of there asses. I mean vet bills cost the same if not more then human hospital bills. All you people are sick in the head. I have two cats and I love them but, in reality there are just animals that have been selectively bred/ domesticated by us humans

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    No, i haven't my cat was walking down the steps today and i heard a meow and he was limping so we are going to wait and see if he is ok , but we are probably going to take him to the vets in a few days . , . c/ .

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