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    Senior Member nikki's Avatar
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    May 2008

    why does my boyfriend have such a problem with PDA (public display or...

    ...affection) ? deal breaker? we've been together for about a year and a half now, and slowly but surely, i'm realizing that he doesn't do ANY of it. like when we're out in public, he'll walk in front of me (i used to think he just walks fast), he wont hold my hand, he won't refer to me as girlfriend/babe/etc, there's no hugging, or even quick kisses. we honestly look like either two strangers in a store just headed in the same direction, or friends.

    and i mean, i get that some people aren't into PDA but, it seriously makes me feel like maybe he's embarrassed to be with me. like, i'd think that he'd want to show me off to the world, show everyone that that's my girl and i'm taken and etc. but there's none of that, like, i don't need the obsessive annoying version of PDA, (ex. making out, grinding, feeding one another, etc.) that's annoying. but i'd be perfectly happy with JUST hand holding. and he won't even do that much.

    it gets so depressing when we hang out with couples that are friends of ours because they'll be holding hands, calling each other babe, etc, my boyfriend will walk with them, and i'll walk alone behind them all. it's really depressing. like, i HATE going out with other couples just because of the jealousy thing.

    and i brought up the fact that him not doing PDA was bothering me and he himself was pissing me off because there was this one time when we were at this birthday party for his nephew and he went to go leave somewhere with his friend eric and eric goes to give his girlfriend miranda a kiss goodbye, he asked her if she needed anything while they were out, and my boyfriend just kind of walked to the car. he said "be right back." and then miranda was like "aren't you going to give your girlfriend a kiss goodbye?" and he goes "nah i'm allset" which REALLY pissed me off. like, that's just embarrassing. i brought it up to him and he was like, i'll work on the PDA thing i really will. and for the rest of the day, he did a little bit of it, but i never saw it after that day.

    like it's getting to the point where i feel it's getting to a deal breaker.

    what do you guys think ?

    sorry if this was too long. it kind of turned into me venting. lol
    thanks for your answers in return(=

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    Senior Member Richard's Avatar
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    May 2008
    My question is does he display affection privately? If he does and you enjoy being with him why would PDA become a deal breaker. Possibly he is a very private person and just doesn't go for PDA. Is PDA that important to you that you would trash an otherwise great relationship over it?

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