I'm wanting to get a PDA for personal/business reasons. I'd like one that is Window's Vista compatible. I'd also like something that has PDR or some sort of medical reference and OBGYN, Fetal Maternal Nursing, and stuff up that alley. I'm a doula and lactation consultant and these features would come in handy.

I'm also in the market for a new cell phone. I'm thinking of getting a new cell phone, possible a Blackberry or Blackjack II. These phones have PDA capabilities, but I might want them seperate. I can't decide! It's hard. I really like the Razr in Lavender, so maybe I'll get that and a seperate PDA. I appreciate any advice. My current cell phone carrier is AT&T and the Pantec phone I have with them sucks for reception. I've heard the Blackberry, Blackjack and Razr are better. Suggestions are much needed. I almost missed a client that was in labor because I couldn't get reception in the middle of a metropolitian area!