I am getting married this year, my fiance is my first boyfriend. He does not like any PDA's. He does not like holding hands in front of our family, same goes with me cuddling up to him - he pushes me away.

Does not like to kiss me in public only in private - for instance in a park where heaps of people are kissing. When i snuggle up to him in a cafe he pushes me away as he doesn't like showing things like that in public.

He even compares me with parents and grandparents - he says do you see them cuddling, holding hands or kissing in public, GOD knows what they did in their time when they where engaged or newlyweds.

How can i get him to be more comfortable with PDA. Feels like i am been rejected in public in front of people.

Does anyone else have a problem with PDA?
He is affectionate in private.