Ok I got a question. I recieved my NEW htc Touch today in the mail. well the box wasn't sealed, the screen had no potective plastic on it and had finger prints on it, the battery also was just laying the box in no protective plastic sleeve. Are all NEW Htc touches like this? I called Sprint they said they would mail me a new one, and send me a postage paid envelope for this one to go back in. But the problem is they want me to pay another 9, but will refund it once they get this phone. Are they good at returning your money? They said I won't able to get the money back on my debit. It would be credited to my bill. I would keep this Touch but how do I know that it is NEW, and not used? I used this code##786#-it says 000 for minutes and kilobites, but yet it says the phone was activated on the 12th. I didn't purchase the phone til the 21st. Someone told me that Sprint removes plastics when they activate the phone, but the phone was suppose to never been activated. Sprint said the Ups might have played with it a little bit. So what would you all do? Should I try to find 9 to put into my account.