Im looking foward to buy a new handset till next month or on christmas but i can't find a good one. The one's I have in mind seem to have some flaws that worry me. The first one is the Nokia C3, it looks like a good phone with a querty keyboard, though from the reviews I read it seems that the Operating system is outdated and it costs 109€ . The second one is the Samsung Monte. It's a touch screen smart phone. The design is great, but many people complains about the browser not opening some web pages due to flash problems and due to the phone's RAM. It also seems to have low battery life (300h stand-by compared to the 800 hours of the C3) it's also the most expensive of the 3 (129€) . Finally the one i prefer. The HTC Touch Viva its also a touch screen pda equipped with windows mobile 6.1 pro. I would have already bought it but i can't find it anywhere and i don't want to buy it on the internet (i live in portugal). It costs (115€). So if you can help pick one of this 3, or advise a new one please do. Take in consideration that it's price should be less than 150€and it must have WI-FI and Mp3/Music player.