First, I have already setup several email accounts on my Mogul. I'm just having issues with this one specifically. I'm not a total idiot, I swear.

I have an HTC Mogul with WM6.1 and a new, a new email account from Yahoo!, account. When trying to setup the new email account on my Mogul, I was forced to manually setup the account because it was unable to find the settings for "" online. I entered my name and the Account display name. The next screen asks for my "Incoming mail server" and the account type, which has the options of POP3 or IMAP4 in the dropbox. Also, the next screen asks for my "Outgoing (SMTP) mail server" and whether it requires authentication.

So I need to know what the POP/IMAP settings for Rocketmail are, or where to find them, and what the outgoing (SMTP) settings are.

Thank you very much. Any help is greatly appreciated.