We've partnered again with Jellyfish's Smack Deal of the Day to offer our readers a chance at up to 80% off on products of their choice.
Jellyfish's Smack Deal of the Day is a reverse auction: as time passes, price drops. The game is to buy the product at the lowest price possible. Towards the end it can get as low as 80% off. The trick is that you don't know how many units are in stock, so if you wait too long... you lose out. There's side games and a real-time chat too. Beats working!
At checkout, players pay full price, but receive the cash back via check or Paypal within 60 days. People seemed to have fun last time around.
Here's where you come in. What would you like to get a smackdeal on?
We'll take your suggestions and poll the results. The top picks get smackdealed at on Thursday 6/28 at 3pm EST .
Let us know your dream products in the comments.
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(On the backend, Jellyfish isn't paying us. We just thought it would be a cool and fun thing for y'all.) — BEN POPKEN