friend you used to talk to? Long story short.. Basically this guy I was talking to a lot was giving me mix signals the whole time we were friends. He would wanna hang then he wouldn't and he would send me cute random texts.
But one day my friend asked him if he wanted to hang out, me her, and one of her friends. He said he was down for it in the day and sounded excited to see me, later that night he texts my friend idk if I wanna come cause I don't wanna mis lead her. Then he texts me "hey you know if I hang out with you guys it's not a date right, were just friends and that's it, idk if that's a bitch move but I would wanna know where I stood with some1" Then I said "ok thanks for telling me cause to be honest your giving me mix signals" and he responded "awesome, awesome" and was keeping his messages real short. Next morning I got upset and took it too far by saying "don't come I don't want you there and don't trust you, and are you bi polar" But I was only getting upset cause of how he was responding and how the only thing he could say was awesome. There are two sides to every story, so idk if I was being the jerk or him. I really don't know cause I do see his point too.
Here's his side: "Alls I said was hey we are just friends and she blew up at me saying I gave her mix signals and calling me names. She is just immature and spiteful. She was only caring about how she felt and not my feelings and how I didn't like her like that. I'm never ganna talk to her again if I can help myself."

Question is if I wanna fix things how long should I wait and what should I say??? I hate that when you really don't know what to do and it always crosses your mind when you still care about the friendship and you really don't know if it's your fault or not. I tried waiting a month and apologizing saying how stupid I acted but that didn't work. So that's why i'm asking how long I should wait and let it cool down cause maybe a month was just too short. I get nervous every time it even crosses my mind.