I've been talking to this guy for almost 2 months. He's really sweet and he's funny. He says all the right things. I've never liked anyone as much as I like him. He's 16 and I'm 15. He was my first kiss. I'm a virgin and i told him that I'm not losing "it" for a looong time and he said "Thats okay, I can respect that" He's never talked about sex or anything with me but we were talking a few days ago and we ended up talking about beyonce and he said he wishes he could he could be in Jay-z's place. Then I said "I don't think I really want to hear about what you wanna be doing haha" blah blah blah and then he said "If you were a guy, dont tell me you wouldn't bang beyonce" i said "Well it is beyonce i guess i dont blame you" he said "Yeah soo I wish I could bang that.i said "yeah, like you'd be able to handle that hahah" he said "Aye, I can handle it. lol" I said "Yeahhh okay. LOL" he said "Just like I can handle you " I kinda got tingly alllll over when he said that. loool. THen I said "Oh, is that right? . you're crazzzy haha" he said "Im pretty sure i could". I liked it when he talked kinda dirty to me. I want him to do it a LITTLE more often. not all the time cuz then it would seem like thats all he wants. Is this okay or what?