By the way, I'm an American, not a Liberal or any other knee-jerk label you miscreants of madness automatically assumes of every American with an alternative perspective regarding both parties! In fact, the insane propensity of placing labels on people indicates a want of intellectual maturity!
And just as Gore Vidal so aptly observed, those of your ilk epitomizes "The United States of Amnesia!" How dare both Parties engage in a game of Political Brinkmanship over the best interests of a Country that belongs first & foremost to the American people! Both political parties have worn out their welcome as "guests" and deserves a very rude eviction!
Since when did the freedom of expressing any views outside of the GOP's cult automatically render Americans as Liberals? LOL! Thanks for validating my point!
@ rightstu... The dual edge sword of Truth is an equal opportunity offender against both lying sides of the political ailse! Most of the older Americans have brought hook-line-and-sinker that this failed two-party system is the only game in town! Well, that idea is changing with each passing day!

@ How would... Dude, those of your ilk cannot fathom anything beyond their myopic perceptions. And since we're complete strangers, your baseless assumption makes you complete azz for attempting to pass judgement w/o knowing the facts!
@ strata: Well, it's no secret those of your mindset are 'lost! However, it's quite disingenuous of you to blame my post, when the pied pipers you've been blindly following over the past years have already claimed responsibily.